New Eyes

I got a new perspective today, a new set of eyes to see a reality that escaped me for many years. It has humbled me and taught me a few things. For a few years, I worked as a marriage and family therapist at a large state agency. I loved my work and I loved my clients. I loved being a part of people's lives at their most tender and vulnerable times, walking with them, listening to their stories. Dave, let's call him that, was one of my clients. He was not an ideal client—those were the people who came to work on something, who wanted insight and change. Dave didn't come for insight or change. By the time I became his therapist, he had been coming to the agency for a number of years and was

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall – Who is the Fairest Maiden of All?

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall – Who is the Fairest Maiden of All? You are, My Dear. You are the Fairest Maiden of All” I am a recovering perfectionist. It doesn't seem like much of an admission, however, it is actually very deep-rooted and penetrates every activity I participate in, is apart of every relationship of which I am a member, and then also oozes into the time during which I am alone. What is a “Perfectionist?” Being a Perfectionist is not the same as trying to do your best, or be the best you can be… we've all heard similar phrases describing our desire and/or ability to try our hardest to achieve a goal. Perfectionism is not this sense of well-meaning trying hard to reach yo

Driving in the Fast Lane

A few months ago we bought a new van. Not just any van, but a BIG van. Everything on this van is big. It is so big, there is a step to get into it, it seats 12 people, it is taller than some parking garages allow and it uses a lot of gas. The first time I went to fill the tank, I started to feel faint when the pump price went over $100. Did I mention that it uses a lot of gas? We bought this van because it was the best available option for us. We needed something that can pull our camper, fit us and friends when we go on all our homeschool field trips, and was not too expensive. So here we are with a van, that 2 years ago, I would have said we would never buy. A gas hog that is in no way



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