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Time With God in Community

Time with God in Community... When my husband and I were first married we did not attend church regularly. In fact, I do not remember attending church at all for the first few years of our marriage. My husband never attended church as a child, so going to church was not on his to-do list. For me, I was just too caught up in the life of a newly married woman to spend time at church. When our son Alex was born, the need to attend church returned. After all, he needed to be baptized, and, someone needed to teach him the stories, songs and prayers that I had learned as a child. In my mind, Church is where all of this happened. It was time for me to put active faith back into my life and to h

What Would It Take?

When was the last time you looked into the eyes of the person checking you out of the grocery store? Have you paused to smile at the person coming out of the door as you enter? What did you notice when your eyes locked with this other person? Psychologists have researched how quickly we form first impressions upon meeting someone for the first time. Surprisingly, first impressions are formed in less than 7 seconds. Think about it, in less than 7 seconds, most of us can say “Hello” and before we have finished our next sentence, “My name is _______.” We have drawn several conclusions about the person we have just met. We have determined what we believe to be the obvious conclusions whether