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Hymn of Promise

A friend once told me that every time she is dealing with a significant event in her life, she finds a hymn that goes with her situation. She is a gifted musician and this is a very meaningful way for her to connect with God. Do you have a hymn that you just love or that moves you to tears every time you sing it? I have a few of them: The Borning Cry, Here I am Lord, On Eagles Wings, and It Is Well With My Soul are just a few. Recently, I came across a new hymn that I have never heard before. It is called The Hymn of Promise. It is relatively new, written in 1985. Maybe you have heard of it and love it as much as I do. I especially like its simple melody that takes no time to learn to sing!

For Everything – There is a Season

Recently while on a college visit with my daughter, I became keenly aware of two significant spiritual truths. One, God does answer all of our prayers. Two, just because the answer received is not the answer we hoped, even prayed for, doesn't mean our prayer hasn't been heard by God and answered. I suppose there is a third significant truth woven here... Three, there is such a phenomenon as "God’s Time." God’s time is not bound by logic or reason or any details remotely resembling the measure of time as we know it. What prayers of yours seem to be unheard and unanswered by God? Do your prayers suggest answers laced with a timeline you have established? During a recent conversation with