"What Is It About Yourself You Believe to Not Be Worthy Enough?"

Chris Herren, is a previous high school and college basketball star, who was drafted from college to play in the NBA for Denver and then, his hometown, Boston, and most importantly, he is a recovering hardcore drug addict. Chris recently told his story to a high school gymnasium packed wall-to-wall with parents of children of all ages, some grandparents, and some students ranging from middle school through high school. Because of the graphic detail of Chris's story, children younger than middle school were encouraged to stay at home. You can find Chris's talks on You Tube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcmBAgqWnt4&feature=youtu.be Chris's story began during high school where he occasionally

"One Minute Sabbath"

I am working on developing a small group program and one of the other developers wanted to include a "One Minute Sabbath" in the program. I have never heard of a "One Minute Sabbath", and my first thoughts were "Isn't that cheating?" Aren't we supposed to do everything for and give everything to Him? One minute really seems a little quick for spending time with God. So you may be thinking, O.K. Maryanne, What is a "One Minute Sabbath?" Well..., "One Minute Sabbath" is the idea that before you do any task or start any activity, you take one minute and spend it in silence, focusing on God. If you want, you can take this time to invite Him to walk with you, help you, or support you. Yo

Broken Hallelujah

The other day, I got an email from my father in which little Brazilian wonder kids were singing the Leonard Cohen song Hallelujah. Even though I didn't understand the words (my husband later told me the lyrics were changed), but I could see the emotion on their faces as they sang Hallelujah! I often listen to to the original Leonard Cohen version and try to fully enter into the emotion and the words that are sung. It is not a Christian song like the ones we are used to singing at church. But to me, it certainly seems very Christian because of its brutal honesty as it talks about the full experience of human brokenness, struggle, and our need for God. Brokenness is a fact of life, we can




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