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The Spiritual Practice of Saying Yes or No

If you enjoy being involved in your community or your church, chances are that you have been asked to join a committee, a Bible study, teach Sunday school, lead the youth group, or just help out. How easy is it for you to say yes to such requests? To say no? I think the majority of us have a harder time saying no rather than saying yes. Many of us have also learned the hard lesson of saying yes too many times and ending up feeling frustrated, burdened and burned out; when we ask ourselves why we said yes in the first place. I know that I am not good at saying no. I hate to think that I would be disappointing people or making it harder for them to find someone else to ask. I know they need

Glowing from within

As I was driving last week, I was listening to K-love on the radio. I was not paying much attention ... ... to the radio (I am sure that I was focused on my driving), but all of a sudden something the woman on the radio said, jumped out at me. It was during one of their “Encouraging Words” segments. The woman on the radio was quoting a friend as she said, and I am paraphrasing this... “I can never measure up to others, because I am always comparing the outside of them to the inside of me”. The minute I heard this, I thought what did she just say?? How true is that! I do the same thing and I never realized it. It was freeing for me to just hearing it put into words and being able to ident