The Busy Family: Taking the Time to Breathe

Last week, Lynne encouraged us to think about how being busy is affecting our lives. This week, I would like to for us to consider what this kind of busyness is doing to our kids and our families. I found a wonderful blog about the one (or two) questions we should be asking ourselves as parents, that I would like to share with you today. It has to do with the pressure we all feel for our kids to do well in life. After all, we take them to music lessons, ballet lessons, sports, and art classes, we hover over their homework and practice times to make sure they are doing their best. Because isn't that the basis for doing well in life? When my first child was getting to be about 4-5 years ol

I'm Busy. How Are You?

I am posting this article as a reminder for all of us who believe we are "busy." Dr. Rampy says it very well here and I thought you would appreciate the gentle reminder of how to pursue contemplative leadership within our daily, busy lives. Contemplative is a word describing the purposeful action taken to involve, allow or cause deep thought. By being intentionally contemplative, one is able to be with what is at the moment, rather than focusing on what will be in the future and completely miss what is currently in the moment. Please leave your comments for me. I'd like to hear from you and how you liked this article. Do you agree? Disagree? Have a different approach you would like to



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