Monkey Mind and Silence Just Don't Go Together

I find it increasingly harder to find silence in our modern life monkey mind lifestyle. Monkey mind is Buddhist term describing what we get when our minds jump from one thing to the next, not being able to rest anywhere too long before being distracted again. It is a go-go-go kind of brain, unsettled, restless and confused. Our minds are distracted and cluttered from the time we wake up and hear the morning news, to the demands of our days and the constant presence of phones, tablets, physical and mental noise until we go to sleep at night. Even then, monkey brains keep us away from sleep, the outside noise becomes our inner noise and confusion. Do you feel overwhelmed by the noise in your l


I have been betrayed. Someone I trusted completely and fully, took advantage of my trust. It hurts; it hurts a lot. I have always believed in the importance of trust, in all of the areas that I am a leader, I try extremely hard not to micro-manage or control. I know that I do not have all of the answers and that when everyone in a group in engaged in the process, amazing things can happen. For relationships to work, here must be trust. For all of those that I call friend, trust is at the core of our relationship. I have been blessed to have many amazing people in my life, and each person that has entered my life has left an imprint on what makes me who I am. I always have tried to a

I Double-Dare You!

Today is June 1st. June 1st is a holiday, and I bet you do not even know what holiday it is. I dare you to take a guess...No idea? June 1st is "Dare Day". I got the following explanation from "Dare Day is a day to challenge someone, and to do a dare yourself. It is a day that daredevils truly relish. Today is definitely a call to action. It is not a day for procrastinators or for hesitation. Dares take all forms and shapes. The type of dare is almost limitless. Whether it is a prank, a challenge to accomplish something, or a personal action (like asking someone out on a date), this is the day to make the dare, and , it is the day to do the dare. (we do sugge



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