The 2nd Half

I have been married for 38 years. I can not believe it, 38 years! I have lived with my husband longer than anyone else in my life. In that 38 years I have evolved a lot, all of it in community with my husband (poor guy!). I have been through hellos and goodbyes. Hellos, in the form of new life, the birth of my three amazing children, new friends, and new communities. Goodbyes, in the death of, parents, close relatives and friends, and people moving away. Let’s not forget about all of the people that pass through my life on a daily basis. Each person, each event, each moment, leaves an impression on me. Each encounter is a part of the evolution of me. I am now entering the second half of my l

Guiding a Child’s Life

In our last blog, Maryanne talked about how much life changes as we become parents. Not only do our priorities shift completely and selflessly, but even our spit becomes a cleaning agent! Of course, not all of us choose to or have a chance to become a parent. But as we move through life, we start to understand that our own future depends on the future of “our” children. We want to create a good world not just for ourselves, but for the future generations as well. Caring for the emotional and physical health of the next generation becomes important, as well as creating a lasting legacy of who we are and what we stand for. Whether or not you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or simply car

The Evolution of Mom

About a week after I had my first child, my husband shared with me his belief about childbirth. He said that the minute my son was born, my spit turned into a super cleaning agent and that I started to channel my mother in the words and expressions that I was using. Remember, I had just given birth, so my response to this, at the time, was not a chuckle or even a smile. I got defensive. I took it as a put down. I was not able to see it for what it was, a light-hearted joke about the changes in me and our lives. The most interesting part of it all is that to some extent it was basically true. The only way I knew how to parent was by tapping into my experiences as a child. I was relying on my

Becoming a Hexagon

I have two daughters who are graduating this year. My oldest daughter has now officially graduated from high school, and my middle one is graduating 8th grade tonight. Every time I see the sea of graduation gowns and hats and listen to an inspiring graduation speech, I imagine all the new possibilities and experiences that are waiting for these young people right around the corner. Their lives are entering a whole new stage, and they will evolve and change in ways that are hard to grasp at the movement of graduation. I was almost 18 years old when I came to the US from Europe to study in college. The first week that I spent in the US was focused on international student orientation. Those of



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