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One is the Loneliest Number

One Is the Loneliest Number: How Loneliness Affects All Parts of Life There are many times through our lifespan when we naturally experience feelings of loneliness. Children can feel lonely when no one wants to play with them on the playground. Teenagers and young adults may experience a sense of loneliness when they move out on their own and don’t have their old social connections to fall back on. We can also experience loneliness during other transition times in life--losing a job, moving to a new city, divorce, prolonged illness, etc. Older adults can also be lonely when they retire, lose friends and loved ones, or live far away from their family and children. We usually think of older ad


One of the times that I have felt the loneliest is when I was in a group of over 300 people. Loneliness is complicated. Can I get an a-men here?! Loneliness is usually associated with a myriad of other emotions, that is what makes it complicated. It is hard to exactly figure out all that goes into it. My husband invited me to join him at a conference dinner. I was so looking forward to going with him. It was to be an evening filled with dressing up, amazing food, entertainment and, for me as an extrovert, a group outing. I love meeting and getting to know new people. How is it that I came to feel so lost and alone? The conference was for computer techies sharing the latest and greatest in th

Our Spiritual Evolution

When we consider how we evolve over the course of our lives, we usually think in terms of the different stages in life that people go through. One thing that normally doesn’t come to mind is our spiritual evolution. Yet, as I think about my own life, my spiritual evolution is very closely tied to all the stages of life I have gone through. My favorite interviewer and radio personality, Krista Tippet, starts all of her interviews with one simple question: “Tell me about the spiritual background of your childhood.” Inside this question, is the implied evolution of one’s spirit, the truth that our spiritual life undergoes the same kind of evolution as our physical and mental states do. In 1 Co