Last week my husband and I helped our daughter pack up and move for her sophomore year in college. This week we were helping my son pack and leave for his first year in graduate school. As we were doing all of the necessary shopping for both children, I noticed the decorations in the stores were for fall and Halloween. Some stores were even starting to set up Christmas displays - as someone posted this week on Facebook, there are only 17 Saturdays until Christmas! As we finish the month of August and head into September, we transition into the fall season, into returning to schools, into “start-up” activities for programs in churches, clubs, and organizations, into the next season of our li

The Care and Keeping of Others

In our previous blog, Maryanne talked about how human beings were created to be a part of a community. We cannot do this thing called life on our own. Being a part of a caring community is especially important when a crisis comes along and turns our lives upside down. We cannot survive a crisis without the physical, emotional, and spiritual support of those around us. In our series on loneliness, we discussed how loneliness can produce adverse health effects and how being part a community is crucial for our physical and emotional health. I was about 20 years old and a college student with an interest in all things psychology when I was invited to sit in on a group meeting of people in our ch

Support and Care

This week Henrieta and I attend a SCORE conference for women entrepreneurs. SCORE is an organization sponsored by the SBA (small business administration) that provides mentoring and education for businesses. The goal of SCORE is to help people be successful in their business. The community that we have found in SCORE leaders and the other entrepreneurs has supported, educated and guided us. Henrieta and I don’t think we would still be in business if it was not for the SCORE community. Through this community we have met others who are starting a business. We have attended workshops on everything from marketing, business plan writing, and social media management to creating your own elevator p

In Community

When my husband and I are traveling, we enjoy visiting local churches. I love experiencing all the different ways people worship. Recently we attended a church at the campground where we were staying. The service was outside and the day was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining; the day was warm and a cool breeze floated by at the perfect time. I just need to say, worshiping outside in God’s beautiful world is awesome! I need to find ways to do it more often. We were blessed to be attending on baptism Sunday. Baptism is one of my favorite worship services. In the Presbyterian Church that we regularly attend, our baptism is usually, not always, an infant baptism. They call the family an



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