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This I Believe

Recently Henrieta and I put a Statement of Faith section on our website. It is vital to us that the statement fits each of our personal beliefs and is also a true representation of our faith together. In order to write it we spent time discussing our personal faith journeys. Each one of us have come to our current beliefs as a culmination of our upbringing, our relationships, (friends and family) and everything else that has touched us, like materials we have read, radio and podcasts we have listened to, movies and television that we have watched, and churches we have attended. Our two lives have been and are very different. Henrieta and I have different personality traits and very differe

Can We Talk?

For the last three years, in almost every group I am in and in most events that Henrieta and I attend, it is stated or understood that we avoid talking politics. Politics is a “hot topic.” One that is filled with lots of emotions; fear, frustration, anger, excitement, anxiety... the list goes on and on. I have to admit, I am one who avoids political conversation with people outside of the ones that I consider “safe.” Safe means, those that I feel agree or mostly agree with me. The world can seem a wonderful place if all we do is keep in the company of those who are just like us. Is this the world that we are designed to live in? Isolation and loneliness are at an all-time high. Could fear an

Word of the Year

Happy New Year! The start of a new year presents us with a clean, new slate and it is a natural time to set new intentions or goals for the coming year. In the past, I too have joined the crowds of people setting New Year’s resolutions with the hopes of bettering myself in the new year. However, in the past three years, I have resisted doing that. Maybe it was because my resolutions never made it past 2 weeks or maybe they didn’t make sense to begin with. By the time February rolled around, I was over it. I do like the idea of being able to start anew. We can all use a time to reset or a chance to do or be something new. As much as I see the value of starting a new year with new goals, I kne