Kids in Preschool

Early Childhood

Preschool and Parenting

The Emotionally Intelligent Child

A Parent Workshop

Did you know that Emotional Intelligence has been shown to be the greatest indicator of a happy life?

This 90-minute interactive workshop for parents covers what Emotional Intelligence is, and its importance in a child's ability to create healthy relationships, be resilient, and to have a happy future.

Happy Teachers

Team Building Workshops

We offer customized workshops for your organization. They are fun, interactive and specifically designed to foster a positive, supportive and productive team.

Parent Cafe'

Parent Workshop

Parent Cafe' is a nationally recognized program that provides a structured, meaningful discussion and parent-to-parent learning.

Parents share their experiences, explore their strengths, and learn about the Five Protective Factors that make families strong and resilient. You will be encouraged and inspired to put these new insights and wisdom into practice with your families.