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Bringing your "aha!" to life

We believe that inspiration is a driving force in everyone's life.

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Creating personalized experiences designed to inspire.


Bringing your "aha!" to life.


How We Help

We design every program specifically for you and your organization.


We believe that inspiration is a driving force in our lives.


We design and provide personalized experiences.

What we do

We create experiences that connect, educate, and inspire individuals, teams, and organizations.



We are Henrieta and Maryanne, partners at Intentional Energy 3. We combine our experiences, knowledge, and passion for being lifelong learners to create unique, valuable, and enjoyable experiences designed specifically for you.

We connect, educate, and inspire individuals, teams, and organizations by providing customized experiences.


Faith Communities

Community-Based Organizations


News & Events

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Rev. Kirsten Peachey

"I have worked with Maryanne and Henrietta for years on bringing Support Team workshops to faith communities. They are experts in the model--both as trainers, but also as people who have actively led and participated in Support Teams themselves. They are deeply faithful, visionary, and passionate about how churches can be places of spiritual support and transformation. They are great teachers whose workshops are fun, interactive, and engaging! "

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Jeanne K.

" I have attended numerous events offered by this group of wonderful women. All the events or workshops were well organized, insightful, and thought-provoking with attention to detail that offered a variety of learning tools perfectly geared to the demographics of their audience. "

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Tasha Pitchford

"I attended an ie3 Mind Mapping workshop, I left the workshop with clarity and feeling empowered to make positive changes in my business and in my life. Their teaching style and the way they flow with each other is absolutely amazing and fun."

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