Thinking about how to sum up our retreat last Saturday

As I was thinking about how to sum up our retreat last Saturday... As I was thinking about how to sum up our retreat last Saturday, many thoughts and images came to my mind: the Sarah circle decorating the Rotunda; the Grace circle putting together our folders and setting the lunch tables; Sue Massaro and Maryanne Kyle making a wonderful vegetarian lunch; all the ladies who were there to greet, help with crafts and yoga; the presentations featuring wonderful speakers like Betsy, Angela, and Isabel. It truly takes a church to put together a retreat and I am very grateful for all who helped make this retreat a success by giving their time. The one word that kept coming to my mind over and over again during the retreat was community. I loved seeing all the hugs, smiles and many conversations taking place . That's what a community is all about for me being there with and for the other people we share our lives with. We need one another to encourage, laugh and cry with. I am always touched by how much we all enjoy being together as a group of women when we carve out that small window of time for one another. After the retreat, many of you shared different ideas with me about what you learned, enjoyed, and were taking away with you to put into practice in daily life. I love that we each are able to get something different out of the same topics and presentations. There was a lot to learn! It will certainly take me some time to process and reflect on everything we did and experienced--and that's OK! I want to encourage you all to look back at some of the instants during the retreat when something "shimmered" for you --- maybe something spoke to you about how to handle stress, be well physically and spiritually, find time for yourself, break free of road blocks on your journey, or look at your life's stories? Let's challenge ourselves to keep growing and not be satisfied with stagnation! I personally can get very comfortable with where I am and I don't want to leave my comfort zone, even if I know I need to! The best way to overcome that is to have someone hold you accountable for enhancing your growth on your journey. We have one another to turn to! And to me, that's what community is all about.

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