Feeling Disconnected

I ran into an old friend from our former church at Target today. We got to talk a bit in between the aisles. After we talked about our families and the very cold winter we have been having, I told her I missed being with her at the kids' events and Sunday school. I knew her children pretty well, since they were my children's ages and over the years, we did a lot together at the church.

She mentioned to me how she was feeling disconnected and longed for a connection again. We reminisced about the good old times and how things have changed in our lives. Change happens, that's just life, but we are often left searching for what we have lost. She has lost her connection to the church community. I mentioned to her all the events the women's ministry was running for the women. Even though she was aware of them, she has never come to any. She didn't explain why, but I think I can understand the reasons why she was hesitant to come. When we feel disconnected, going to an event can be a painful reminder, a confirmation of that feeling. I could feel her pain because I have been there many times before myself. I mentioned to her how phenomenal the retreats and the connections that the ladies have made during those retreats have been to see and experience. I told her that I was going to the Lenten retreat next Saturday and I invited her to come too. The change in her was immediate. She had no idea about how good the women's events were, she said. She would like to come to the Lenten retreat, she said with a huge smile. She looked relieved, relaxed, happier. She smiled and smiled, we parted hoping to see one another at the retreat.

Seeing my old friend again is a great reminder for me about how much we need one another to connect with. Do you have a friend or do you know someone who needs to feel connected again? Invite them to spend time with you. Invite them to a women's event at church or your community, so they too can feel God's love through the power of women gathered together.

Or are you the one feeling disconnected? I encourage you to take a risk and tell someone. I also encourage you to find a women's group in your church, community or neighborhood that you can connect with. It is through our connections with one another that our faith, courage and strength can grow.

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