"One Minute Sabbath"

I am working on developing a small group program and one of the other developers wanted to include a "One Minute Sabbath" in the program. I have never heard of a "One Minute Sabbath", and my first thoughts were "Isn't that cheating?" Aren't we supposed to do everything for and give everything to Him? One minute really seems a little quick for spending time with God. So you may be thinking, O.K. Maryanne, What is a "One Minute Sabbath?" Well..., "One Minute Sabbath" is the idea that before you do any task or start any activity, you take one minute and spend it in silence, focusing on God. If you want, you can take this time to invite Him to walk with you, help you, or support you. You could ask for direction, wisdom, or peace. Or you could just take this minute and BE with Him, picture Him sitting beside you or holding your hand. Cool right!? Take a minute throughout your day and just hang with God. I had to do this. This will be great! I could really get brownie points for this one, and it is so easy. Or is it? Do you know how long one minute actually is? It is not just one minute, it is 60, count them 60 seconds, and when you are trying to get on with a busy day, let me tell you, 60 seconds is a l-o-n-g time. Not only that, but does anyone realize how many times a day you start a task or do an activity. A lot!, is the answer in my world. To complicate matters even more, sometimes I was not alone when I was to have this one minute with God. Family, friends, strangers all around, I never realized how often I am with other people on an average day. What will people think? What was I thinking when I shared with God that I was going to do this, and stick to it for at least a week maybe even all of Lent, maybe even have this become a life skill? As I was getting ready to chalk this up to one more crazy idea that wasn't for me, I received an email. My verse of the day, for an online study I am doing, arrived in my mailbox. Here was the verse for today: Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.~ Thessalonians 5:16-18 Seriously, was that message directly for me or what? Straight from His word to me. Exactly what we are asked to do to live the life God designed us for. Darn, it was like a teacher caught me talking in class. So, I am now really committed to stopping and spending one minute before any task or activity in silence with God. Maybe even giving thanks for that very special minute in my life and the knowledge that I am not alone. Will you join me?

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