Time to Jump!! What Have You Got to Lose??

Over the weekend, I saw the movie, "Wild" with Reese Witherspoon with a girlfriend. I admit, I am a Reese Witherspoon fan and enjoy the female movie roles she has played over the past five years or so. I was interested in seeing this movie because it is based on a young woman's true story.

The movie was very thought provoking and caused my friend and I to talk on the way home at a deeper level. In the movie, the mother has a poignant quote, "Everyday, there is a sunrise and sunset. It's up to you what you decide to do in between."

Everyday we have to make a choice about what our attitude will be for the day. Will you be angry because life isn't fair? Will you be quiet and aloof because you don't believe you deserve anything good in your life? Will you be passively going through the motions of your life because you are feeling disconnected? Will you be engaged and feeling on top of your game? What choice did you make for today? Do you want or plan to continue making the same choice for tomorrow?

Someone once said, "Life is happening when we are busy making other plans." What they didn't add is, "and then we miss life's opportunities because we are not paying attention!" Sometimes, we don't pay attention because we are stuck. We are self-absorbed and overwhelmed with what is going on with us. Stuck in a job we don't enjoy. Stuck in a toxic relationship and we won't get out. Stuck with financial debt because we unrealistically spend money we don't have because we want to portray a particular image to others. Stuck with the same items on a To-Do List week after week. We can be stuck for many reasons. Usually when we feel stuck, we are able to rationalize that we are stuck because someone else's actions have caused us to be stuck. We believe we could be unstuck if only.... If only I had a different job, if only I had a caring husband, if only I had more money, if only I had more time, and the list goes on....

We may even feel comfortable with being stuck! We feel comfortable because being stuck is familiar to us. It doesn't require a anything from us. It doesn't require us to make a move. It just requires us to keep doing the same thing expecting the same result.

Making the choice to become unstuck requires risk and vulnerability and will make us feel uncomfortable. It requires making a move. Sometimes, we simply have to jump because we don't know which direction to move and know if we don't jump, we will remain stuck in the same place indefinitely. Taking a leap of faith requires us to take a risk and make ourselves vulnerable to experiencing change.

What do you have to loose if you don't make a move and jump?

Everything! You will continue to be stuck....in the very same place you believe you are right now.

As you begin a new month, resolutions still fresh in your mind, ask yourself these two questions:

"Am I tired of feeling stuck and am feeling ready to make a move and jump?"

"Each day when the sunrises and the sunsets, what do you choose your attitude to be in between?"

If you are ready to make a move and jump and you are going to choose to consciously and intentionally embrace each day for what it has to offer you, you are ready to begin living the life you have been given.

As you begin to live your life more fully, you will feel more connected, more engaged. You may find you actually feel less lonely and more content after you make a jump! You may feel empowered after you make a jump! You may even ask yourself, "What have I been waiting on? Why didn't I jump sooner?"

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