Gratitude Is Good For You

Practicing everyday gratitude is not a new concept. Even Oprah got on the gratitude bandwagon by encouraging her viewers to have a gratitude journal and find something to be grateful for every day.

I don't know about you, but being grateful is not something that I think about doing every day. I am usually focused on my goals, what I need and want. I used to treat gratitude as the last resort, something to make me feel better when I don't actually get what I want. Then I would say to myself--well, at least I can be grateful for my health, a roof over my head, etc., even if right now I am feeling discouraged about what I think I want.

I used to remember gratitude when all else failed. But over the last few years, I have been learning the power of gratitude. Why is gratitude so important? I can tell you why it is important to me and how it changes me and makes me grow when I practice it.

  1. Because I need to be reminded of all the blessings I have. Sometimes on a daily basis. It is easy for me to forget just how much I have to be grateful for.

  2. It lets me get out of my own head and focus on others. Gratitude fosters our connections with one another and builds up our relationships.

  3. Being grateful is a form of prayer and thanksgiving to our God.

  4. It is a spiritual discipline and it brings me closer to God.

  5. It allows me to be open to God's work in my life.

  6. It lowers my stress response by allowing me to release stress.

  7. It gives me a new focus, grounds my heart where it needs to be.

  8. Makes me reevaluate whether what I think I need or want is in fact truly what I need or want.

  9. It helps me give to others.

  10. It allows me to receive because I am open to the blessings that come my way.

How has gratitude changed you? In what ways do you practice gratitude?

I hope this reminder to be grateful today and every day allows you to be reminded of all the blessings you already have and to receive those that come your way in the future.

I will leave you with a quote by Sara Ban Breathnach:

"All we have is all we need. All we need is the awarness of how blessed we really are.

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