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A Caring Lent - Week 6

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

A friend of mine called and shared that with everything going else going on the Lenten season just went "out the window". She wanted someone to talk with because she had become so overwhelmed with getting through each day and what has been happening in our world that this season was not a priority. She shared that she is listening to news reports and getting frustrated with things she can not change. Without wanting to admit it she is angry. Angry at the loss of control that she has always held on to in her life. She shared how exhausted she is with her family home, and how hard it is for her. As I listened, I was trying to think of ways to help, the right words to say. Sometimes, there is no task that we can do to help a friend, no words that we can say. What we can do is listen and be present for them.

It's not easy, is it? To just listen, not reflect, not fix, not correct, just be present in the moment and be a presence in someone's life. It is harder when it is family. As a mother, sister, or wife my job is to step in and make everything right, because I know what is best...or is it?

That is why Henrieta and I put together this "A Caring Lent" series. We wanted to share a small task, challenge or suggestion as a way to be more connected to the moment and ourselves. A lot of the suggestions were ways to be present in our day or a simple way to be present with someone else. We hope that you have been able to try some of them.

This last week:

March 30 we tried to keep it a worry free today. Give all of your worries to God. I lifted them up in prayer and I have to be honest, throughout the day, those dang worries just kept slipping in. I guess I will have to work on this more, maybe when there isn't a pandemic going on. Wait, this is when I should be working on it. I guess that I have to admit that I am a perpetual work in progress.

March 31 asked us to look for God's presence in the world around you today. I have to say that every time I make an effort to stop and look for God's presence in my life, I am amazed by all that there is. BUT, I have to take the time to look for it and to appreciate it. What about you?

April 1 suggested that we move and stretch throughout the day. Keep moving! With our current safe at home status I hope that you all found ways to be creative with this. A friend of mine shared that she has dance breaks throughout the day. What a great idea. I love to dance to upbeat music. I just hope that no one watches!

April 2 asked us to take a walk around our neighborhood and pray for each home that we pass. What a safe way to connect with our neighborhood, our faith, and ourselves.

April 3 brought the invitation to have some quiet time with a soothing cup of tea. The funny thing about this day is that my son had done the shopping and bought me a new type of tea to try. Something that he thought I would like. I was so touched.

April 4 asked us to find ways to enjoy the gift of laughter today. It just happened to be my husband's birthday and our wedding anniversary. (we were married on his birthday). Sharing joyous memories and special meals kept a smile on my face most of the day.

How was your week? How were you able to care for yourself, and your community, this week? Where did you find joy and laughter? How did you get moving?

Peace and hope to you as we enter our Holy week.

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