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I'm a 2!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

My Enneagram type is a Two. A type Two is a helper and a server. Two’s are usually motivated by a need to love and be loved and needed. Two’s tend to put others needs before our own. Not only am I a Two, I am a less-resourceful Two. As a less-resourceful Two I tend toward being a martyr. (not my favorite thing to admit). How do I know all of this? Because I have researched the Enneagram and am trying to use the Enneagram as a lens to examine how I function as a person, and with my relationships in the world around me.

I am a fan of Ian Morgan Cron, an Enneagram guru. He has written several books on the subject and has a fantastic podcast called Typology. If you are at all interested in the Enneagram take some time and listen to his podcasts (they are also on YouTube). There are a few questions that Ian usually asks his guests at the start of their interviews, “When did you first learn about your Enneagram type?”, “How did you figure out your type?”, and “What have you learned about your type that is revelatory and helpful?” I would love to hear your answers to these questions. Here are mine.

I first learned about the Enneagram from a good friend who invited me research it. I then took the WEPSS test developed by Dr. Jerome Wagner, another Enneagram guru ( When I got the results from the test, I learned that I was a Two (I had guessed it before the test through my research) and that knowledge was the start of a journey of self-discovery that I have been on ever since. I am not new to personality typing, I have done Meyers-Briggs, and followed and trained people in True Colors. For me, the Enneagram takes personality typing to another richer more in-depth level.

Looking at myself through the Enneagram lens has enabled me to see my inner workings with a respectful and appreciative eye. I now have a foundation of why I do what I do and can use that to accept myself (not an easy thing for a Two – just so you know). For example, When I am helping or serving others I now find it beneficial for me to take a second and think; Is this a helpless act? or I am I doing this to gain approval? I can use this understanding as a springboard to change the behaviors that am not fond of and gather some behaviors that I don’t naturally access. Two’s tend to have a fragile sense of identity and so rely a lot on their relationships with others. Knowing that, I spend time by myself and work on creating a more positive relationship with myself, then I may be less dependent on the acceptance of others.

I don’t just say I am a less-resourceful Two - so be it! Instead, I accept that I am a less-resourceful Two, and ask myself how am I going to be the best damn Two that I can be!! So this is what I have come up with, through my helping and serving I can be the face and the hands of God’s love. I do have to keep a handle on why I am helping and serving, is it from my resourceful side, or my less-resourceful side. It is this awareness that can guide me in my desire to be all that God created me to be.

Two’s also have a lot of great qualities, we are caring, empathetic, thoughtful, appreciative and generous. Great traits to have. The Enneagram Institute (another place that I recommend to visit for a quality test - says that Eleanor Roosevelt was probably a 2. I admire Ms. Roosevelt and so I am honored to be in her group!!

So let me ask you, Ian Cron’s questions. “When did you first learn about your Enneagram type?”, “How did you figure out your type?”, and “What have you learned about your type that is revelatory and helpful?” I would love to hear your answers.


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