Resilient Woman

Virtual Conference

March 6, 2021

Virtual Zoom Conference

9am to 2pm (cst)

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Make this your march

Make this your March! 

Calling all Women!

Are you ready to make 2021 your year?

Are you ready to be the woman that God called you to be? If so, this virtual conference is for you!

Whether it is working, mothering, nurturing, or being supportive, most women know what it is like to face everyday stressors and readily step up to the challenges.


In unity we will welcome these challenges and step up in 2021 stronger! 


It is time to reclaim your own resiliency and take strides to thrive and lead. In unity, we can come together and create our legacy.

At this conference we will dive into the stories of resilient women of the Bible and contemporary women explore how these stories can make a difference in our lives.

This conference is our time to claim and own our resiliency, to take strong strides, to thrive, and lead.

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Why March?

March is International Women's Month

International Women's Day is March 8th. International Women's Day is a United Nations-sanctioned global holiday that celebrates women’s contributions to society, raises awareness about the fight for gender parity, and inspires support for organizations that help women globally.

All women are invited to join us for this virtual conference

This is a Christian conference that welcomes ALL women and humbly respects all faiths.

Meet The Team

We are three women who God brought together during a business networking event.  We knew right then and there that we needed to work on a project together.  That project came to be the Resilient Woman Conference.

We share a love for God, love for our families, are life long learners and leaders.

We also share a passion for creating a safe community for all  women to come together to share our lives and celebrate all that we are.  


We'd love to hear from you

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