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Support Teams

A Support Team is a group of volunteers working together to offer practical, emotional, and spiritual support to individuals and families with health care concerns or other special needs. Volunteers do what they can, when they can, in an organized way with a built-in support system.

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November 8th - Providing Care to your Community

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Support Team Training Opportunities

Team work

Introduction to Support Teams    


Discover the structure and versatility of Support Teams.  Learn how Support Teams positively impact and engage your group and the surrounding community. Participate in discussions and activities designed to give an experiential overview of the Support Team experience.

Audience and Lecturer

Support Team Training  



This full-day workshop provides all the nuts and bolts needed to set up Support Teams. This interactive workshop is designed to give everything needed to start, support and grow Support Teams. Time is devoted to hands-on experiences, discussions, and questions.  The overview of the day is:


  • Basic parts of a Support Team

  •  Overview of the types of teams

  • Suggested Support Team structures

  • Benefits of working on a team

  • Understanding the Support Team friend

  • Ways to care

    • Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Support

  • Best practices for team meetings

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • Dealing with conflict

  • Steps to starting Support Teams in your organization

  • Sustaining Support Teams

  • Resources

Holding Hands

Support Teams around 

Mental Health and Trauma      


This is an in-depth interactive workshop designed to develop understanding, share strategies, and tips for creating a caring environment for those dealing with trauma and/or mental illness. Activities focus on: walking, not leading; setting boundaries; setting time limits; self-care and resources.