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Youth/Campus Ministries Workshops

Community Conversations

Community Conversations are a time for small groups of people from your community (e.g. teams, circles or committees) to come together for a specific purpose. These can be: connecting with one another, building relationships, team building, problem solving, decision making, or addressing conflict. The goal is learning from each other in a safe and engaging way. We lead the conversations in a way that everyone has a chance to share and be supported. Community conversations create a spirit of curiosity, respect and appreciation while building trust and discovering common grounds. We facilitate the conversations or we can teach your leaders how to facilitate them.

Customized Experiences

Let's collaborate on designing a personalized workshop that perfectly suits your requirements.

Dealing with the Difficult

Everyone has encountered a difficult person or situation. In this workshop, we look at these situations from different perspectives to garner a better understanding of our feelings and behaviors. We explore different communication styles and practice effective skills that lead to more positive interactions and outcomes.

Introduction to the Enneagram - Discovering Belonging - Retreat

The Enneagram is a time-honored method for exploring our own unique personalities. First, we examine the nine basic personality types, then we discover and explore our own personality. Using the Enneagram system, we expand our knowledge of self and gain a better understanding of others. This engaging and insightful workshop includes time for self-reflection, conversation, and discovery.

What Kind of Leader Am I? Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to manage your own emotions and behavior. It is also the capacity to recognize and influence the emotions of others and ultimately use that knowledge to motivate them. Practicing emotional intelligence and empathy has become an essential skill for all successful leaders. In this interactive workshop we explore empathy and emotional intelligence, then practice the skills for developing a stronger emotional intelligence.

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