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Patron Program Workshops

Book Art

Join us in creating a beautiful art piece from discarded books. We explore book folding and cut book styles of book art. Whether you are a beginner or an expert crafter, you will leave this workshop with a unique work of art.
All supplies are provided.

Customized Experiences

Let us design a custom experience for your team.

Defining Age

In this workshop, we explore ways of finding joy and connection in our lives. We experience the importance of movement, creating community and bucket lists. We look at our gifts and brainstorm ways to use them.
Join us as we stretch our bodies and imaginations by adding flexibility and balance into our routines.

Envelope Journals

During this workshop participants will be guided through the process of making their own journals, using envelopes and other recycled materials. Once the journals are constructed, participants can unleash their creativity by decorating them. They will use various art supplies such as markers, colored pencils, stickers, washi tape, etc. The completed journals can then be used to record memories, thoughts, ideas and personal inspiration.

Finding Balance

Our schedules and routines have been interrupted and living with stress and change has become the norm. Join us as we look at different practices to connect our mind, body, and spirit. In this interactive workshop, we creatively engage in movement, mindfulness, meditation, music, and self-discovery to guide us in finding balance in our daily lives.

I Don’t Journal

Experience various ways to artfully express yourself. Art journals are a visual diary that can include collages, pictures, stamping, drawing, painting, word associations, and so much more. This practice offers a different way to journal and is a wonderfully creative path to self-expression and exploration.
All supplies are provided for this hands-on interactive workshop.

I Don’t Journal 2.0

Develop your creative side by learning new and different ways for creating expressive journals. Join us as we explore word association, collaging, envelope creations, and mind mapping. This is a hands-on workshop that embraces self-expression and exploration.
Note: The information presented in this workshop supplements the I Don't Journal workshop, which is not a pre-requisite.

Introduction to the Enneagram - Discovering Belonging - Retreat

The Enneagram is a time-honored method for exploring our own unique personalities. First, we examine the nine basic personality types, then we discover and explore our own personality. Using the Enneagram system, we expand our knowledge of self and gain a better understanding of others. This engaging and insightful workshop includes time for self-reflection, conversation, and discovery.

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