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Creating A Support Team Ministry


About the Course

We invite you to join us in learning the Support Team model.
A Support Team is a group of volunteers working together to offer practical, emotional, and spiritual support to individuals and families with health care concerns or other special needs.
A team's activities may include transportation to the doctor or grocery store, household or yard chores, errands, meals, social outings, visits, or phone calls. Team members simply do what they can when they can, in an organized way with a built-in support system.
This workshop is an informative and interactive program that will demonstrate the proven tools needed to develop and maintain a support team ministry in your community. Participants will explore: · A basic understanding of Support Teams · The steps to starting Support Teams within your organization · How to create a team and ways to provide team members support · How to set boundaries and expectations for your team members · How to sustain and grow a Support Teams Ministry in your organization.

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