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What a Day!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

We have all had days when nothing goes right. The type of day where it gets worse as it progresses. Days where you think; “nothing more can go wrong.” Alas, just as you feel that you have reached the bottom, another problem or issue arises. I am sure that you all know what I am talking about.

Basically, that was my week. What I find interesting is that I was not alone. Almost everyone I talked with was having the same kind of week. Was there some bizarre cosmic planet alignment this week? The kind you read about in science fiction novels where chaos, strife, stress, and pandemonium are the fallout. I thought I figured out the issue so I checked the phase of the moon. Unfortunately, the moon was not full. (we all know what happens during full moons!) What is going on?

I knew my week was going to be a crazy one. I had multiple things scheduled every day and a few big projects that I had to get done. That is all on me. I chose to add everything to my schedule. I even tried to be prepared for the week. My husband and I planned our meals and I worked ahead on cleaning and laundry. What I failed to do was to allow space and time for the unexpected. Damn that unexpected!

If the planets and moon are not to blame, why was the week so overwhelming? I am the kind of person who wants to learn as I go through life, so I spent time thinking about this. I was able to come up with a lot of reasons (aka excuses.) For me, it is because I have high expectations. In addition to my expectations, there is a lot of information that daily comes my way.

As I look up from my IPad I see everyone around me is carrying a phone with them everywhere they go. All of these people are constantly checking their phones in order to keep up with news, friends, family, work, and the fast pace of their lives. I remember the good old days, when we would get one or two phone calls a day, if that. When making and receiving a phone call was all that could be done with a phone. When we would watch the news on tv around dinner time and feel informed. For me, this was “A simpler time, an easier time.” As I write this I realize that the saying “That was then and this is now.” is a true sentiment. How best to deal with the now?

How do I keep up with everything that needs to be done? How best to get through the kind of days when things just keep going wrong and the unexpected pops up?

Here is what I have come up with. I have started keeping a daily to-do list. I created it as a way to keep myself accountable to the tasks and practices that I want to make sure to do each and every day. The kinds of tasks that will help me keep in balance, so that my days are more productive and I have the time and energy to handle the unexpected. The list includes things like meditate, pray, exercise, drink water, and it goes on. I know that I need to do these things, but as time gets more precious and issues arise, these are the first things that I skip. Sometimes I make a conscious decision to not do the task. Other times I honestly forget. This list is my touch stone, my written permission to make these tasks a priority.

Unexpected things are going to arise. I will always have days when chaos happens. The world will keep changing around me. I am the one who has to to choose how to prepare for and at the end of the day conquer it.

What do you choose to do with your day?

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