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A Caring Lent Weeks 1 and 2

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

For Lent 2020 Henrieta and I decided to create the theme - A Caring Lent. We wanted to focus on taking on one small thing each day to help us care for ourselves, our communities and our environment. We started on Ash Wednesday, February 26th. So here is a short overview of my experience so far.

February 26th the invitation was to choose one of these words to focus on for the day. Rebirth, Renew or Refresh. I chose the word refresh. The definition of refresh is, give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate. I have a few things that I have let sit on the back burner, I either lost interest in them or did not have time to do them. I have gone back and selected a few items to finish. A few I decided were not important and could be let go of. Getting these things "off of my plate" has really taken away some of my stress.

February 27th the invitation was to pick one drawer in your home and clean it out. I chose a drawer in my bathroom. I found a few things in there that I have not touched in over a year. Now, everytime that I open the drawer to get something out, I feel happy to see it so neat and tidy. Cleaning this drawer brought me happiness!

February 28th the invitation was to reconnect with a friend you have not talked to in a while. My husband and I went out with some friends that we had not seen in a while and had a wonderful time catching up and sharing our lives. A pure blessing to remember what an amazing community I have around me.

February 29th the invitation was to collect all of your plastic bags and recycle them. I had no idea how many plastic bags that I had hidden all over the house. Let me just say a lot! Now I am down to a few and some more free space.

March 2nd the invitation was to do a digital detox - reduce the use of electronics. Let me just say that I failed at this. I really tried, but alas, I needed my phone and my Ipad to complete some business and tasks. One plus, I was more conscious of how much time I spend in the digital world.

March 3rd had the invitation to see how little trash you can create today. I was able to markedly reduce my trash and I took extra care in reusing and recycling. I really felt good giving this a try.

March 4th had the invitation to have a Meat Free Day!Try a new vegetarian recipe. I was not able to cook on this day, but I was able to go to a new vegetarian east indian restaurant. It was amazing and I really enjoyed the food and the community that I shared it with. YUM!

March 5th the invitation was to be conscious of the water that you use today. Turn off the tap! I rocked this. It was fun to see how I could reduce my water consumption. Now the next step is to get my family to follow my example.

March 6th asked us to write a letter to someone special. I have to admit that I wrote an email. I will say that I loved the response that I got and the time to reconnect with a very special person.

March 7th we were asked to try a new eco-friendly cleaning product for your home. I actually used baking soda, which I had not used for cleaning in quite a while. It was good to be reminded that sometimes the simple ways can be the best.

How about you? Did you try to follow any of the above invitations? It is not too late. You can follow them on our Instagram or FaceBook pages, or you can visit our website at and select the A Caring Lent button. Join Henrieta and I during Lent 2020 and care for ourselves, our communities and our environment.

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