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Acts of Love

One of the topics that comes up for discussion quite often at our events is the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, PhD. In the book Dr. Chapman shares his theory that people receive and express love in five different ways. He refers to each of these as a unique love language and by learning these different languages we can gain a better understanding of ourselves and others. The five love languages are: quality time, gifts, acts of service, physical touch, and words of affirmation.

I really like this ‘lens’ for showing a different perspective on love. The giving and receiving of love is fundamental to each of us and yet is not always easy and sometimes gets lost in our busyness.

This Lent and beyond I invite you to practice Acts of Love as a part of your spiritual journey. Share love in a special way each day. This includes:

  • Loving ourselves

  • Loving our neighbors (including family, friends, and those we struggle with)

  • Loving our environment

I invite you to go one step further in this spiritual practice. Take time to reflect on it and/or journal about it. Think about what you did, how it made you feel, how easy or hard it was, the lives it touched (including yours), and gratitude for the ability to do it.

My love language is gifts, the giving and receiving of gifts. For me, gifts are a visual/tactile expression of love. I share love in the cards I send, the food I prepare, the crafts I make, and the inspiration I share. If you have been on the receiving end of any of these, know that you are loved.

How have you shared love today?

“Our lives will not be measured by the big things we do but rather by the little steps we take to make a difference” Author Unknown

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