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Blessing The World

Easter has come and Jesus is risen indeed!

Thank you for walking with us during Lent, a time of preparation for this miraculous and incredible news of Jesus’ resurrection! Each Lent we prepare to encounter this mystery anew--with fresh eyes, imagination, and new ways of hearing, seeing, and understanding.

We sincerely hope that during our Relentless Lent 2023 series, you were able to find new and meaningful ways to enter into this sacred mystery of God’s relentless love.

Over the last few weeks, we dove into these spiritual practices:

· cultivating community

· letting go of attachments than keep us away from God

· dealing with your emotions through Stop-Drop-Roll

· using Visio Divina as prayer

· finding God in the everyday

· and loving our neighbors, our environment, and ourselves.

Which ones of these practices resonated the most with you? Which ones were easy to do, and which ones were hard? What did you learn?

Although Lent is finished, the mystery and work of Easter continues. We invite you to keep using these practices going forward in the weeks and months to come. You will bless the world through making meaningful relationships with others, growing your faith, cultivating a sense of interconnectedness and compassion, and making this world a more loving and peaceful place for all.

Blessing the world will become your new spiritual practice. Won’t that be a blessing to you?

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