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Humor and the Enneagram

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Humor is not something you would normally associate with a personality assessment tool. But with the popularity of the Enneagram, many people have turned to using humor to teach and highlight its 9 types. What is it about humor that helps us learn? I think it is humor’s ability to help us laugh and relax. Laughter also improves the immune system, relieves pain, and improves your mood (1). When we are feeling amused or happy, our stress hormones go down, which helps our pre-frontal cortex to function better and learn more efficiently.

Maryanne and I thought we would put together a list of all the funnies we watch and learn from online, as well as one of our favorite books.

One of our favorite ways to laugh and learn about the Enneagram is to watch Leeann and Michelle, two funny ladies that act out the traits of each Enneagram type as they deal with different life situations, such as going shopping, doing the laundry, working from home, or going on a car trip. Here are Leeann and Michelle from Leeann and Michelle doing their Enneagram funnies:

I think you will have a hard time stopping watching them!

Here is another funny take on the Enneagram Rhapsody, created after “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen:

Abbey Howe has a YouTube channel dedicated especially to funny Enneagram videos; you can find her at:

Frank James and his Enneagram videos are another favorite of ours. This one highlights what all 9 types go through with their roommates during quarantine—or maybe we should say what the roommates have to go through with all 9 types:

A humorous Enneagram book we both like is The Enneagram Made Easy by Renee Baron and Elizabeth Wagele:

We hope that these resources will bring a smile to your face as it has brought one to ours. Enjoy learning through humor!

Additional Resources:

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