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Quilting Lessons

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

I have always wanted to quilt. I have crafted small, quilted projects in the past, but struggled to get the pieces together correctly. They never turned out “right.” I recently decided to take a quilting class. I wanted to learn the best way to start, work, and complete a project. I wanted tips and tricks from an expert. My goal - to create that perfectly crafted piece of art that lives in my mind. (My mind really can be an awesome place!)

Reality ended up being different from expectations. Quilting takes quite a few tools so that the work is easier and more precise. When I read the supply list for class was, I thought, “What have I gotten myself into?” In my first class I learned that there is a lot of thought, preparation, planning, and work that goes into creating a quilt.

What I am learning about quilting also applies to life. If you make a mistake there is always a do over option. (That is where the tips and tricks come in!) When I discover a mistake, getting upset does not fix it. Just take a deep breath and move on. I learned that patience is key, and speed is not always good (I have a heavy foot!). Isn’t this true in life?

No matter how perfect and matched I try to make every square there is some imperfection in each. As I worked on my quilt, thoughts progressed from, ‘I want to do this perfectly’ to ‘Hey! not bad!’ I went from tense to accepting and over-focused to enjoying the process.

Here’s what I realized; we all need the right tools for the work to be done. In life it can be education, spirituality, self-care, just to name a few. I am exploring the gift of acceptance (especially of myself.) I also experienced what the term ‘good enough is good enough’ really means. Most important lesson - letting go of perfect. Just as each square is imperfectly perfect, so too am I.

As Thanksgiving nears and we enter the season of Advent, I invite you to choose the tools, embrace the 'good enough' and explore how truly imperfectly perfect you are.

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