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Relentless Lent Revisited

He has risen, He has risen indeed!

Our Lenten series this year was Relentless Lent. Henrieta and I shared a different spiritual practice each week with the hope that we would find one or two to use daily in our spiritual journey. Here is a review of what was shared.

· The Ancient Practice of Shema. The Shema is an ancient Jewish prayer that is prayed every day in the morning and the evening. Henrieta invited us to find or create a special prayer of our own and pray it every day, twice a day to remember our faith. Hopefully over time this prayer will be “written on our hearts” and we will remember it when most needed.

· Being Still. This spiritual practice invited us to follow the verse from Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God” and find some time each day to be still and feel at peace.

· Discernment of Spirits. The Discernment of Spirits was an invitation for us to give up feelings and actions that lead us astray of our faith. Instead choose actions, words, and feelings that help us be more kind, compassionate, patient, joyful and loving.

· Praying for Strangers. I shared an invitation to join me in the spiritual practice of actively praying for strangers and experiencing the connections that are created.

· The Redemptive Power of Music. Henrieta invited us to focus on the pieces of Lenten music that move our soul and explore ways to respond to the invitation God is giving you through the music.

· Getting out of God’s Way - Contemplative Prayer. Henrieta asked us “How do we discern what God is trying to do though us and get out of God’s way?” She then invited us to include a centering prayer in our spiritual practices and notice where we feel God tugging at our hearts and God’s call in our daily lives.

As we continue this Season of Easter, a time of rebirth, and move forward in our spiritual journeys what practices will you embrace along the way?

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