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Stop, Drop, and Roll

Have you ever had a car cut you off when you were driving, and you felt angry? When this happens – I suggest that you stop, drop, and roll.

Have you ever gotten into the 15 items or less line at a crowded grocery store only to notice that the person in front of you has way more that 15 items? Did you feel frustrated? When this happens – stop, drop, and roll.

Have you ever gotten to your seat at church only to find that someone else has taken that spot? Well, bless their God loving hearts. Stop, drop, and roll!

Stop, drop, and roll means to stop and take a deep breath, try to get a handle on what you are feeling. Then drop your initial reaction (for the time being), and roll with the current situation.

The stop, drop, and roll practice is based in the concepts of training your thoughts to serve you, practicing actions that match your goals , and experiencing the present exactly as it is. Later, when the time and space is available you can go back and explore the situation from different angles, search out triggers and emotions, and lean into your faith through prayer, word, and meditation for support. As Paul wrote in Hebrews 4:16; “ Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”

This Lent I invite you to practice Stop, Drop, and Roll. Guide yourself to peace in the moment. When you are driving and someone cuts you off, think about why you have a reaction then focus on driving a little safer yourself. When you are in the line at the grocery store, stop and do a quick meditation, one-minute sabbath or a stretch to refocus your thoughts. When you have found that your seat is not available at church, check your emotions, then look around and find someone that you do not know well and sit next to them - hopefully with an inviting smile on your face!

Peace my friend.

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