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Traits of a Leader

As we start off our look at Intentional Leadership, I want to share what I feel are important traits for an Intentional Leader.

A leader:

· Lifts up, not puts down.

· Inspires not condemns.

· Listens not ignores.

· Shares control not micromanages.

· Invites conversation, not shut people down.

· Assess not judge.

· Is empathic, not callous.

· Embraces change not hide from it.

· Is emotionally intelligent not fearful.

· Works from a we point of view, not a me point of view.

An activity that I enjoy facilitating is one that I call Leader Vision. I ask participants to share the names of people, past, present, real, or fictional, who they feel are great leaders. I always love to hear everyone’s leaders. A lot of them are familiar, parents, grandparents, Gandhi, Jesus Christ, Mohamed. Some are interesting, I once had someone share that they felt their dog was a great leader. Their dog could get them to do whatever he wanted, feed him, walk him, pet him, etc., and accomplished it all with unconditional love.

Once we create our list of leaders, I invite everyone to brainstorm the various traits that they feel their leaders demonstrate. Most of the traits that come out of the discussion are the same ones in the list that I have above. Next, I ask participants what traits on the list do they currently use in their relationships, work and personal. Finally, we explore ways to develop and/or strengthen traits that we hope to embrace.

Who do you think are great leaders and what traits do you feel they have?

I invite you create your own list of traits for an Intentional Leader and explore which that you excel at and one or two that you would like to hone. (to hone a skill is to carefully develop it over a period of time so that it fits your needs)

I would love to hear your insights.

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