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What’s So Amazing About Insight?

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Have you ever had an “Aha!” experience that changed your life? Maybe you were pondering a problem, praying or meditating on a difficulty you were going through, when it seemed like the mosaic of your thoughts came together and everything made sense from a different and new perspective? These kinds of experiences do not come often, but when they do, they can be life-changing!

Insight (in-sight) is a new and deeper way of seeing into something—a discussion, a situation or a problem, that illuminates everything from a new and fresh perspective.

Imagine if you were trying to quit eating sugar because you heard it was a good idea, but you tried to do it without understanding the effects of sugar on your body. It would probably be extremely hard to quit without the knowledge of why it is actually a good idea. However, if you read an article about the effects of sugar, you would have an easier time avoiding it having this new insight.

When I was in graduate school for my counseling degree, one of my professors taught all the students that the “Aha!” moment was extremely valuable in therapy. It is that genuine moment of insight, when a new solution presents itself where the old ways of functioning are no longer working. Maryanne and I believe in the power the “Aha!” insight, we now have it as a part of our logo!

We cannot move forward in life without insight. Remember that insight doesn’t always come from analyzing the situation. If you have been trying to work on an issue and you are stuck, try to get out of the left-brain thinking. Take a break from analyzing, walk away from the problem for a little while and allow your brain to relax. Get out some paper and colored pencils and do a mind map; draw a picture or doodle, meditate, or even do the dishes. This kind of activity is called idea incubation and will help you tap into that creative thinking that we often miss out on when we over-analyze. That is why we often gain new insights when we are relaxed, and we can tap into the whole brain. Did you know that Dmitri Mendeleyev discovered the Periodic Table of Elements in a dream? Imagine what amazing insights you can get when you allow your whole brain to work!


  • Do you remember a time when you had a great insight? What happened? How did the insight come about?

  • What helps you gain insight? Is it walking away from the problem for a little while? Using your creativity? Getting some rest?

If you would like to know more about Medeleyev’s dream, go to:

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